Create a Hyper-Blog for a Multisite feeded with the posts of every blog in the Network


I am planning to set up a network of sites based on the same general subject (promotion of Galicia (Spain NW) as a destination). Each site will be focused on a main aspect: folklore, nature & culture, entertainment… and will have its own (sub) brand linked to the main site brand (Galike). Thus, I will be interested in setting up a configuration like:;; etc. Each of those will have their own blog (…:wink:, but I’d like still to have a main blog for the whole network ( I was wondering if there is a way / plugin / workaround that allowed to show in the main blog a feed of every blog post in the network BUT without making a copy of the post (to avoid SEO concerns for google penalising duplicated content); so that the main blog would work as a mere frame filled with the posts published from every site of the network…

Thank you