Create a members only print option with username on the print

I´m developing a coupon site where members should be able to print offers from local companies. I use the Membership plugin on a single wp-site.

My plan:

Company A gets a free account and the role Author. Company A can then write their offers as posts on the site. Using the More tag, Company A hides a code or image that is required to take advantage of the offer.

Member B signs up with my site and gets access to the information behind the More tag. And here it comes...

I want member B to have a nice option to print the page AND on the printed paper the users real name and time/date must be visible. This i to ensure that only members can use the offers. Some form of ID is required in the shop when the member shop at Company A.

Any ideas how this could be done? Or maybe you have a better solution to the "get access to an offer on a membership site"-question. I´d love to hear from the community.