Create a Network of Wordpress Sites with subdomains

I'm a newbie who's stuck on step 2 of "Creating a Network by Enabling Wordpress Multisite". When I'm in wordpress/wp-admin and I click the "Network" menu under "Tools"... I don't have the option of choosing subdomains, at this time... only subdirectory. I believe that I successfully created virtual hosts on my wamp (and I think that's what you need to do, right?). I used this tutorial:

Is this a mod_rewrite thing? What am I missing?

Thx in advance,

  • drmike

    Welcome to wpmudev. :slight_smile:

    Like most support forums, it;s a plus to always give the url of the site or page in question so folks can see what's happening. Also a check of your webserver's error logs is also a plus.

    I ask in this case because not being able to setup subdomains can be one of a list of reasons. For example, there's a 30 day window from the initial install of wp to change over to multisites. I have a feeling that this is the case for yours.

    Is this a new install?

    Have you actually setup the wildcard dns on your server as per step 2? If you;re lost, please walk us though what specifically you;ve done. Please remember specifics always help. Also what are you using on the hosting site for hosting software? (ie CPanel, Direct Admin, command line, etc.)

  • schiffynet

    I'm developing the site through wamp on my computer, so there is no url to give.

    1) How do I check my error logs?
    2) I didn't follow re: the 30 day window from the initial install. It is a new install.
    3) Can you direct me to a tutorial or walk me through setting up the wildcard dns on a wampserver?
    4) Is it possible to use CPanel when you're going off wamp on your computer?

    I appreciate any help. I'm sort of figuring things out. Apologies if I'm all over the place.


  • Mason

    Hiya Schiffy,

    There's quite a few tutorials out there on running WordPress on WAMP.

    I believe you can even access the error logs from inside the application icon in the taskbar. If not, it'll be inside the WAMP directory wherever that is installed.

    As far as wildcard dns, you won't have that on a local install. Instead, you'll want to edit your pc's hosts file for each of the 'sub-domains' you want to add. It has to be done one at a time for each sub-domain. You can read more about that here:
    For testing multi-site on a local install, it's often much easier to do a sub-directory install as you don't have to worry about adding the extra subdomains in your hosts file.

    You also don't need to worry about a cPanel interface since you're running it local. All the info you need is available through the WAMP application menu and PHPMyAdmin.

    Hope this helps a bit! Welcome to the wonderful world of web development! :smiley:


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