create a new blog template to keep consistancy among blogs?

Hi, I have a multisite using marketpress and have installed Marketpress front end. I am able to create a store and see the front end if I create it as the site administrator. However, I had my friend try to create a site without a login from scratch and he was taken to a blank page instead of an add products page. I did some reading on the Front End site and thought adding a new blog template (through my admin dashboard) was the solution. I have attempted to create a new site to be used as the template, but I keep getting this error message

Whoops! The blog ID you posted is incorrect. You cannot template the main site. Please go back and try again. (Generated by New Blog Templates)

Would appreciate any help!

  • marhud54
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    Yes, I did read the guide but I am having trouble creating a site not connected to the main site. I know I need to do that, but when I try to create a site from my dashboard, it somehow becomes a main site even if I have a different user name and site name. I have attempted to create a site through the actual website, but then I can't figure out how to edit that site in my admin dashboard (since the website doesn't provide the new site with a dashboard yet because the new blog template isn't set up). Does that make sense? I've watched the tutorial a hundred times but I can't even get to the point of creating the blog template because I can't figure out how to create a template site....

    Would appreciate any advice : )

  • marhud54
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    Ok...I just realized something...when I look at the list of sites to choose from, I see they don't have the forward slashes like the wpmudev example. In the example, the sites say /themersplace/

    In my site, it would just say themersplace

    Does this mean I don't have subdomains set up correctly?

  • PC
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    Hello there,

    Thanks for your post.

    I pretty much doubt that your WordPress multisite is not setup correctly.

    Can you kindly do the below ?

    1: Disable all plugins on your site.
    2: Create a subsite
    3: Visit the subsite and see if you are able to do that or not.

    Please advise.

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