Create a site is not showing up on my BP 'Sites' page. How do I activate that feature?

My site is a multisite with BuddyPress. I have: "Both sites and user accounts can be registered" but under the user profile it doesn't show 'create site' or whatever it is supposed to say so the member can create their blog. I also can't find the page (I had seen it at one time) where they can create their site from.

I have Membership set up with a permission restriction to one blog-site.

BP is not network activated so I'm thinking this 'might' be the problem but now my concern is that if I deactivate it on single site and then reactivate it on network, will I lose all of my existing BP members and their data? (all 10 of them at this point). Or can I just activate it network wide without any problem. (I originally activated on single site because I was considering setting it up so each site could have it's own BP community.

Any help would be appreciated!