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I'm currently a WPMU DEV Member, i'm building a multisite network,and i have few questions:

1) How i can build a custom sign up page for my network like the one on Edublogs:

What i mean is How can i control the signup fields, change styles or design of that page?

I have tried different plugins including prosites and i think this is an important missing part in the plugin. The default wordpress signup page doesn't look good at all.

2) How can i change the default wordpress signup url ( to something like:

I'm not good in coding so i prefer if there is a theme, plugin or an easy fix to help achieve this without messing up the wordpress core files.

3) How can i change the look of the pricing table in Prosites plugin? and Can i use my own pricing table?
I think there should be a unique payment link url for each pro level, so where can i find those urls?

Thanks in advance,
Andrew Rezk

  • Ivan

    Hey Andrew,

    Hope you are well and thanks for your questions!

    1 - I am not aware of any plugin that will allow you to do this, if you want a custom sign up page you will need to edit some files.
    However that sounds like a cool feature requests and if you want you can post a thread in the feature section, if it is backed by more people we might see it integrated.

    2 - This is related to the previous question and you will most likely need custom code/development.

    3 - If you have an idea how you want to look the pricing table we could help you styling it with some CSS. What do you mean by my "use my own pricing table"?


  • GeekMaster

    Hello Ivan,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    1) I will add this feature request, i think many people are looking do the same as me from what i've read here on the forum.

    3) I mean i can use any pricing table plugin for wordpress, there are many but i will be missing the Payment Urls correspondent to each level of prosites plugin.

    So for example, if i created my own pricing table, and i have Free, Pro, and Gold Level in Prosites plugin

    I will need a separate links, one for Free level, another for Pro level and another for Gold Level, so i can use them with my custom pricing table.

    This will give me more freedom to change the look of the pricing table later on. And no doubt will also create a better users experience.

    I don't like the default Proites pricing, here is how it looks on my site:

  • aristath

    Hello there @Andrew Rezk, I hope you're well today!

    There's a third-party plugin that changes the pro-sites form and turns it into a pricing table... You can take a look here:

    Unfortunately we currently don't have separate URLs for these, but this has been marked as a feature request, hopefully we'll be able to add that in a future release of the plugin. :slight_smile:


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