Create Group missing

Hey Guys,

Been a while since I looked at WPMU & BP - but decided to use it for my next project. This will make heavy use of the groups and forum. I have installed everything, but when I go to create a group I am unable to do so. I also cannot find any of the bb-press settings that have previously been present with the forum.

1) Are all the forum settings now automated or is there still a seperate area for this?

2) I have tried to follow the instructions in the BP manual to create a group but I don't have that link available to create a group. Have a missed an option somewhere to turn this on???

3) Also I want to change all the references to Groups and instead use the term Markets (this includes links, navigation and permalinks in the urls). Is this easy to achieve? Any guidance here appreciated.

---- My versions ----

WordPress MU 2.9.2
BuddyPress Version 1.2.3
Theme Name: BuddyPress Magazine Theme
Theme Date: 12102009
Version: 2