Create guest user in membership 2 pro on a locked blog post


We use blogposts which will be partly protected. As soon as the reader reaches the end of the free part, he should get a message that the rest is protected and that the persen should create an account before he can continue reading.

We want that the reader is than send to a registration form created in Gravity Forms. After filling in the form the guest user is created.

So far we managed to configure this.

After submitting the form the person is routed to the thank you page. This is what we want to change. After filling in the form, the guest user should be created, but the person should be able to continue reading the blogpost he started to read before the protection message came.

I think it will be needed that a string to remember the blog post page, will be included in the button from that blog. This string will than be picked up by Gravity Forms and GF should return this string as confirmation page instead of the standard thank you page from Membership 2 Pro.

Could you let me know how we can make this work

Cheers, Ron