Create locked pages that can later be updated across all sites in wpmu install?

I need to make a MU site where the users will create a site that will populated using New Blog Templates and they will have a few pages created by default. These are pages that they will not change or edit, they will only make blog posts but never edit pages.

So what if later I wanted to make an update to these static pages across all the existing sites?

I have seen many posts on how to create a shortcode in the functions.php file so you can create a shortcode to display content from another page(within the same site) based on the id or name something like [show_content id="ID_HERE"].

HOWEVER, I would like to display content from my default template site that I use with NBT's to create all the sub sites, not just that page from the subsite. This way I could theoretically update that one page(used for the template in nbt) and the same page would be updated across all sites in the network? Possible?

If I use the multisite content copier, would I be able to use that if I updated a page in my default template site and then use MCC copy that page across the network if that page already existed? So it would be over writing and existing page? Or will it only copy pages to a site where that page does NOT already exist?

Should I use iFrames on all my subsites since they are not editable & only display content? What if the page I was iframing had shortcodes, would they still work? I suppose I could create teh orig/template files and hide the header & footer but I guess that wouldn't be responsive and a bad idea?

So I guess I was wondering how I could later update existing pages across all sites in my network if they are all exactly the same content or how should I create the content originally to make that possible. Hope that makes sense :slight_smile: