Create main site in "inside network" in network base on template


What I would like to do is create a new network and for the main site of that network to have automatically set up template.
During the chat we test New Blog Templates, Snapshot and Cloner.
Not of this supports networks in network:
- New Blog Templates does not show select in Sites -> New site
- Snapshot does not recognize newtworks sites ID's
- Cloner and it didn't replace the main site :slight_frown:

Is there any possibility like hook for New Blog Templates or Snapshot to support this or any other solution?

Thank you

  • James Morris

    Hello weshinckes

    I've reviewed your chat transcript and associated notes.

    The problem is that the Multi-Network plugin is designed to create multiple "virtual" networks inside of a parent network. The way it works is it isolates each sub-network as much as possible to enhance security privacy and stability. This is great if you want to sell Multisite Networks or if you want to break down your clientele into sub-network containers. The problem is, because there is so much isolation, data export between any two sub-networks is problematic.

    I'm terribly sorry, but the functionality you're wanting is not possible without a significant amount of custom code. Our plugins are designed for WordPress Multisite, but WP Multi-Network is a third-party plugin that creates the virtual sub-networks and is not well supported by our plugins.

    I hope this clarifies a bit.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • weshinckes

    For anyone following in my footsteps.

    As you will probably already be aware there's not much documentation in this area of Wordpress. Although WPMUDEV does have probably the best info available to date.

    The actual solution you'll need to implement will depend upon your requirements and you will probably need to look under the hood on some of the plugins and various approaches (to get exactly what you are looking for may take a combination of what you learn and some custom coding.

    I initially opted for a WP Multi Network and BP Multi Network approach. This didn't play nice with WPMUDEVs plugins or the domain mapping I needed to apply, so I needed to take another route.

    There are 2 working plugins which allow for standalone BuddyPress social networks.

    1. BP Multi Network (which requires another plugin such as WP Multi Network to create the separation between BuddyPress networks - this can cause complications with other plugins).

    2. BuddyPress Multi Network (which doesn't need any other plugin, just follow the instructions here -

    3. There is a 3rd plugin called BP Multi Site but this is now abandoned and won't work with recent BuddyPress versions without additional coding (I list it here in case you want to refer to the code).

    My advice - Try 2. first and you should save yourself some time and a few headaches.

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