create multi-site automatically

If I use appointments+ and someone books an appointment, is there some way for me to automatically create a site (from my multi-site install) for them?

The other permutation - if someone registers, can I automatically create a site for them?

Thank you!

  • Gabe

    Not out of the box. You'd need to use the Pro Sites plugin to allow users to create sites.

    If I understand correctly, the easiest way to do it might be to let them book an appointment with the Appointments+ plugin as you mentioned, then post a link or redirect them to you Pro Sites registration page so they can create a site. If they don't have an account they'll be asked to sign up. If they do, they can create the site. Another option is to include a link to the Pro Sites site creation page in a confirmation email.

    There are more streamlined ways to do it with some custom coding, but the above are a couple of easy ways.

    If I misunderstand what you want, let me know. Hope this helps.

  • Gabe

    Sorry, forgot to answer the last part of the question.

    The other permutation - if someone registers, can I automatically create a site for them?

    This is pretty simple, but WPMU DEV gives us a pretty cool way to automate site creation with Pro Sites, so I recommend doing it that way to lessen your workload and make your business more scalable. The New Blog Templates plugin comes in handy also.

    If you decide you prefer to create sites manually, let us know and we can give you options for that as well. Hope this helps.

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi Guys,

    Great question! And what @Gabe is saying is useful stuff to keep in mind, but there is a point I'd like to clarify. Site creation is a function of WordPress, and is accomplished semi-automatically. ProSites is a plugin that ties in with site creation, but doesn't actually create the site.

    I say semi-automatically because Wordpress is going to ask for user information, and either the user, ie site-owner, or an admin, ie network owner, would need to create it. There are some ways for bulk create or almost completely automate, but I'm going to put that aside for now. In the situation described above, you'll need someone to be selecting radio buttons, entering email addresses, etc.

    I like the ideas Gabe gives regarding revealing the link or sending it after payment has cleared, but at that point you will need to create the site and the owner would need to verify it in their email.

    I'm not sure you'd want to have this completely automated anyway, unless you don't expect any repeat business. That is, you wouldn't want the case that a site is created for every appointment, even if they already have one! Probably better to see how things develop before over-automating.

    Just some things to consider.


  • mytherapynet

    Hi everyone! Thank you! Paul - I essentially am creating one "online therapy office" for every therapist-client relationship. So, Client A books with Therapist B and that pairing is assigned MyTherapyNet Office #1101 (for instance). If Client A then books with Therapist F, that pairing is assigned to MyTherapyNet Office #2101 (again, as an example). I needed to do this to separate the video streams (using VideoWhisper for the moment, but am having a video conferencing plugin built that is ipad compatible soon), and the structure actually is elegant in its own way.

    Overall, I would like someone to book an appointment+ appointment, and the system to check to see if that user already has a MyTherapyNet Office for that therapist. If so, it just sends confirmation of the login details for the selected meeting time. If not, it first creates the Online Therapy Office - which I do use the New Blog Templates plugin, so that's one step - however, a few settings need to be manually changed -(which I would want to create a "bridge" plugin that accomplishes all of these details).

    I also then have to add the Client and the Therapist as "subscriber" levels to the MyTherapyNet Office. There's a few other details like this.

    Honestly, this has become a REMARKABLE journey - I set out thinking I would need to hire someone to build an entire plugin that does everything, and I found most of the elements with you and a few other folks out there - so I keep getting farther down the path than I ever anticipated getting on my own. Now, it's a matter of a challenge to me! So thank you all so much for your input ... I really appreciate it!

    By the way, has been around since 2000 - we have over 1800 therapists, but before I relaunch to all of them, I'm working out these little bugs. Meanwhile, new therapists keep finding us and signing up, presenting great test cases.

    Thanks again guys :slight_smile:


  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi Greg,

    I love it! Great to hear how useful our plugins are and how ambitious our users are willing to get!

    My question is how to operationalize the Meeting Room, or Office. I mean conceptually I get it, but how to fit into the WP framework isn't coming yet. But I think first, I'd like to take a step back. Your original question was about automatic creation of sites and for that I have 2 comments:

    1. Doesn't sound like clients need sites, and
    2. Therapists do need sites, maybe bulk created with

    Appointments+ would live on the main site. When appointments are made with a given therapist, that client would become a member of that therapist's site. This way, you would know whether or not a client is new or returning because they will all be users on the main site.

    Make sense?


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