Create page in upfront front-end, make change on page in back end loose layout

I have been messing around with the upfront/Spirit theme and I found this. Not sure if this design or bug/issue

1. I create a page / gallery template in front-end of upfront.

2. add some content in front-end Save and exit upfront

3. view page, then edit page via back-end.

4. add some text to body and update page.

5. go back to upfront front-end and now original content is lost and my opps text appears.

If this is by design, This is issue. if someone types something and then updates the page by mistake then everything is lost.

Attached is a video i did to show it in action.

Please advise if this is design. if so are there any plans to be able to lock down the page so back-end modification is not possible?