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I was wondering if you can create a parent theme with upfront? I have 5 websites and want to use the same theme created by myself. Is this possible? Currently it looks like I have to rebuild the theme for each site.



  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Joris,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Upfront starter themes (that are available from our sites) - e.g. Spirit, Fixer etc - are in fact Upfront child themes whereas "Upfront" is a parent theme. Upfront however cannot be used separately as well as its child themes cannot be used without it. That's because Upfront is the "base" of these themes and includes all the necessary scripts and code to run its child themes, Upfront editor and actually Upfront Builder plugin.

    You can however build themes for Upfront. To do this, use Upfront Builder plugin and instead of editing a starting theme create a new one with it. Then you'll be able to download such theme and install it on other site's as well. The only requirement is to get Upfront parent as it's a requirement to run any Upfront based theme.

    You do not need to "re-build" theme for each site but it's important to note the difference between two tools: Upfront (as in Upfront editor and/or Upfront parent theme) and Upfront Builder.

    With Upfront Builder you build a theme but you don't add/manage content. Then on each site where you installed that theme you may (or may not, it's up to you) customize it using Upfront editor (integral part of Upfront parent theme) "per site".

    If you have any additional questions on this or you came across some specific issues, let me know please, sharing as much details as possible and I'll be happy to help you.

    Kind regards,

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