Create sandbox site from existing blogs

I'm creating an MU blog with Multi-DB. I have only a few blogs but lots of content, plugins, themes and some customization. I would like to create an identical sandbox blog on a different domain (not sub-domain) to test new things before using them on the live site. Is there a way to just copy the entire existing WP installation to a new sandbox site?

I just read and could probably figure out how to change the databases. But can't imagine coping all the site folders to be as simple as copy/paste. However, if I could do that, I would still need to create and update the databases, and change what else?

  • argh2xxx

    Listen to me at your own risk, I haven't tried it out, but a light bulb had turned on in my brain!

    You can create a new multidb empty databases (simpler if you only have one database).

    Use whatever method you can to move the data from the old databases (or one database) to the new empty ones (or one).

    Copy entire wordpress directory to new server or new /home/user/public_html/ or subdomain.

    Modify the wp-config.php and modify the db-config.php (if you use multidb) with correct database host name and database user name and password.

    Modify define( 'DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', 'your domain name here without http://www.' ); in wp-config.php

    Modify from $base = '/'; to $base = '/mysubdomain/' if you install wordpress in directory such as /user/public_html/mysubdomain/, otherwise leave it alone!

    Modify from define('DB_NAME', 'databaseprefix_global'); to define('DB_NAME', 'my-database-prefix_global');if you're using multidb!

    Test out the new clone site to see it's working! Please let me know how you do it in detail if you can make this happens! Thanks! I want to know too :slight_smile:!

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