Create site such phpmydirectory, yelp or yellowpages


I have a plan to create a site like yelp, yellowpages or phpmydirectory.

I try already a directory plugin, but can not found my needed. This site will be show an organisations address.

1. User add new entry have to entry a country, city.
For handle a misstypo, can we just choice from last entry or if not found it just simple entry a new one, or may be just simple auto complete or suggestion ?

2. one organisasion have a headquarter and a branches.
Can i simple show a list of branches entry under headquater ?

3. I don't need a review. How to disable it ?

4. How to change a category display by using [dr_list_categories style="grid"] ?

5. How to limit a number of categories display ?

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    thanks for posting.

    #1 you could use customPress to create a custom field for country/city then attach it to the directory. however it wouldn't have that functionality for auto-suggestion. you can add custom field in the add new listing page by clicking the 'add new' link (screenshot 2) select the custom field you created with customPress from the list.

    #2 I'm not sure that's possible, each entry would need to be a seperate directory listing, so i'm not sure you can link it to the headquarters other than by using tags.

    #3 at the top of the page when you add/edit new listing.

    click screen options, then tick the box that says discussions (screenshot 1)

    then scroll down till you see the discussions tab.

    uncheck the box that says 'allow comments'

    you can then untick the discussions box in the screen options.

    now you'll have no comments/reviews on the listings.


    you would need to edit the template for this, you can find them in directory/themes/default/

    best to copy them to your themes folder and edit them there rather than in the plugin folder so the changes aren't overwritten when the plugin is updated.


    you can change the limit in the Directory settings General page

    change the value to what you want (default = 10) (screenshot 3)

    for other threads that you might find helpful, see

    hope this helps.


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