Create site such phpmydirectory, yelp or yellowpages


I have a plan to create a site like yelp, yellowpages or phpmydirectory.

I try already a directory plugin, but can not found my needed. This site will be show an organisations address.

1. User add new entry have to entry a country, city.

For handle a misstypo, can we just choice from last entry or if not found it just simple entry a new one, or may be just simple auto complete or suggestion ?

2. one organisasion have a headquarter and a branches.

Can i simple show a list of branches entry under headquater ?

3. I don’t need a review. How to disable it ?

4. How to change a category display by using [dr_list_categories style=”grid”] ?

5. How to limit a number of categories display ?

Thank you and Best regards,