Create summary page of custom post types (not widget)

I've created my first custom post type with CustomPress named "drawings" and have also created custom fields.
I've added the custom fields and a Gravity Form to the new single-drawings.php and all is doing great. A little CMS work and we'll be ready to go.

Now I'd like to display a summary of these custom post types, primarily the featured image attached to the CPT. We'd like a page that displays an image and link to the custom post/template named above?

I've enable "archive" and created a drawings-archive.php and removed what we don't want and we are displaying only the featured image pointing to the new custom post type.

My question is probably more CMS or maybe php but how can I create "columns" whereby the post images align horizontally verses vertically down the archive page?

I know I'm close and should know this but it's not coming to me?

I want a page of images that flow left to right in the content area vs. vertically down a page.