Create template file – change permission – so I come to single post page


I’m using Custompress together with Loopbuddy on my site. I have problems in Loopbuddy to change layout from the default WordPress layout. When I click on a specific post I don’t go to that posts detail page. That is what I want to achieve.

Now I see that I have missed the Custompress settings and that I have not created a template file for my post type. Is this what make it go to a specific post when clicked?

In Custompress Settings it says this:

Your active theme folder permissions have to be set to 777 for this option to work. After the file is created you can set your active theme directory permissions back to 755

The problem is I’m not sure how to do this. So any information/tutorial on this would be great. Also, I want to know if this will make it work, that I go to the single post page when I click on a post.