create user-specific private areas : A+ & Membership

(background: this is for a site to allow institutional clients to book artists for specific client events. example : Client X needs a singer and a piano player for an event on Sept 10 at 9am)

I'm using A+, Membership and need to create Client and Service Provider (Artists) private areas:

> Client should have his own (Front end) dashboard / page :
- Profile Page or post for Bio and personal info
- ability to book one or multiple Artists for same or different date/time slots
- see future and past bookings,
- see basic billing information (amounts paid / owed),

> Artist should have his own page / area :
- Profile Page or post for Bio and personal info
- calendar to enter his availability for the next X weeks or months
- standard rate / multiple rates (ideally)
- view of unconfirmed appointments and ability to confirm
- list of past and future appointments
- basic billing : which client paid what, when.

is this something that can be done with WPMU plugins? any idea how?

thanks !!!

Dan (on behalf of Stephanie)