Create Username and Password protected pages/posts


I would like to create 4 username and password protected pages on my website, and I’m not sure if Membership is the right plugin to use. I have a few questions.

I want my whole site visible except for these 4 pages:

SEB Committee

Finance & Lending Committee

Board of Directors

Operations Committee

Ideally, the member would click on login, and then be directed to the password protected pages/posts, where they could download the previous meetings minutes and other documents.

So going through the instructions:

1. Plan

2. Categories:

1. SEB

2. FL

3. BOD

4. OP

Do I need to create a level for regular site visitors that gives them access? By enabling Membership will that stop everyone from regular site visitors from seeing the site?

3. Shortcodes – not really needed unless I merge all content onto one page (which might make navigation easier for users with multi level access) – Should I have all the downloads on one page?

4. I made a no-access page

5. I will register users. No self registration neccessary

6. WordPress registration is disabled.

7. Download groups. – Is this necessary for all downloads on the site? If I don’t set this up what will happen?

8. Levels. My question with this stems from step 2. Do I need to create a level for regular site access?

9. No subscriptions.

10. No payment gateways needed.

11. Enable.

So what is the easiest way to set this up? Is Members the best plugin for this?

Thanks for your help.