Create various branded websites with one user database

Ok, you guys are WPMU experts so this is the perfect place to ask:

I would like to create the following type of network.

I have two communities, let's call them Donkey Community and Elephant Community. They are both part of the Animal Community.

Each community has their own mission and vision and their own brand (look and feel). They each want to have their own articles and events.

However, the Animal Community has members from all communities and also members of Animal community that are not necessarily part of the other communities.

If a user becomes a member of Donkey, they automatically become a member of the Animal Community (but not necessarily of the Elephant community, however, in the future, they can easily become users with the click of a button?)

The Animal Community showcases events, articles, and members from the various communities it houses.

Is this possible? If so, how can I go about this?

Thank you,

  • Brian Purkiss

    The first problem I see is signing up for donkey and animal, but not elephant, and then becoming a member of elephant at the click of a button. With that, you run into the issue of, what if that username is taken on one community, but not the other?

    You're likely going to just have it where you sign up for one, and you're on all three. They don't have to use elephant or know that they're on elephant if they signed up for donkey, but it will need to function that way to keep problems from arising.

    Take a look at our User Synchronization plugin.

    It'll accomplish what you're describing - provided that I'm following you correctly at least.

  • Imperative Ideas

    It seems to me that what you are describing has little to do with matching a single user database and more with controlling roles.

    If you actually created user roles called "Donkey" and "Elephant" then controlled what each role could view/interact with on their respective network sites, that would do the trick. The donkeys and elephants may have a log in for one another's cages but they won't be eating one another's food, if you take my metaphorical meaning.

  • Mike

    Hi @isarmstrong

    We're just doing a little housekeeping to see if we have dropped the ball anywhere. We haven't replied here for over 6 months which is obviously not good enough.

    Do you still have this issue? If so can you tell me what exactly the issue is, let me know of any error messages. And let me know any fixes you have tried which have failed.

    Then I will see if I can help you out.


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