Create VIP db for new blog?


I’m trying to figure out how to add a vip-db and use it for a new blog.

The creation and config for the vip-db should not be an issue but how can I set the new blog I create to use this db instead of the default one it will be placed in depending on the md5 of the blog-id.

Let’s say I create vip00 db and have this in db-config.php

add_db_server('vip00', 'dc1', 1, 1,'','', 'blogs_vip00', 'user', 'password');

I then manually add a new blog.

How can I set it to use the vip00 db?

Would it be enough to add this to db-config.php

add_vip_blog(9085, 'vip00');

9085 would be the new blogs id.

Hope I’m making sense :wink: