Created a membership level and added a coupon but the new level does not activate?

Hey there,

The subsite in question is

I created a membership level and added a coupon but the new level does not activate?

I was going to have the customer upgrade to a new level and afterward cancel the other old level.

They went to the special link for the new level over the weekend and then put the coupon code in for it. This was via Paypal.

The Paypal purchase did go through just fine and we received notice.

However, the new level is still showing up as pending in their profile (their profile only shows the OLD level). It has been over 24 hours and still nothing.

I enabled WPMUDEV support access in the dashboard.

This has happened a lot.

Can this be fixed please?



See attached.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Greg,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I've researched your site and at the first glance everything's working fine here. However, I've encountered two issues:

    1. Could you please point me to an example username/ID (I couldn't find that particular subscription shown on screenshot)?

    2. The screenshot shows payment as "No gateway" so this would be a payment that's not integrated at all with Membership 2 (e.g. payment through PayPal but not assigned in any way to membership plugin) therefore the plugin wouldn't know that it's already been paid and you'd have to change subscription status to active manually.

    Please advise!


  • Greg

    @Adam Czajczyk

    Hey there Adam . . . thanks for pinging me back on this!


    #1 Here is the user link. Right now it is showing the OLD membership level (Premium). Once I can get the new one showing and correct on the renewal date, then I can delete the OLD membership level. The new one for them is the Premium 10 Pack Plan but it is still showing pending even though they paid already via Paypal using the link. I am not sure if it is because of the coupon code or not but they used this coupon code

    #2 No, that is the problem. They used the M2Pro special link and coupon code. That is the only way they could pay at all (there is not other link for this payments outside of M2Pro). Here is the link I gave them to pay FYI (they used it and paid and I got a Paypal receipt and have confirmed it went through): (after they login to the site, they click this specific payement link and put the above coupon in). Paid. But, their status did not change as the M2Pro did not apparently see the payment and therefore update. This happens a lot so it is definitely something that probably needs to be fixed. Yea, it says no gateway BUT that is not true. A M2Pro link was used as illustrated above.

    ***By the way, to see the real price you have to login as a NON-ADMIN (i.e. regular subscriber) too see . I have noticed this FYI as a sidenote only.

    Let me know . . .



  • Greg

    @Adam Czajczyk

    ***I enabled the wpmudev dashboard fyi.

    I am updated to the latest release of M2P. However, I created 2 memberships with a discount code and both customers still never were updated as active (this seems to happen when they use a coupon). See attached.

    How can we fix this so they are active and their status will then update when their payment recurs each month? I do not want to both the customers and go back and forth all the time as it looks bad on us and takes their time away (especially if there is no 100% surety it will work the next time anyway). How can I fix this internally?

    See attached.

    For now there are two (both used the links I gave for each membership and used a coupon code for a discount).

    Please look into this so we can be confident in issuing coupons moving forward and also on how to fix 1 of the 2 current ones (i.e. subscription id 3044 not working at all yet and 4843 which was not working but did pick up a IPN "today" actually but had the wrong expire date but I fixed the expire date on that one though just now . . . see the attached annotated screenshots please for more perspective and understanding).

    I also included today's ipn success message for subscription id 4843 as well . . .


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Greg!

    I'm sorry for another delay here. Our developers were working on bringing another set of important fixed to the Membership 2 plugin, closely following all the bug/issue reports. A new version has just been released so could you please update the plugin?

    If this doesn't help, please let me know as soon as possible so I could consult this with the dev team.

    Kind regards,

  • Joakim

    I've got this problem (even with the latest version of the plugin) when the subscription has a trial period. It seems that the system gets confused when you enter a coupon and there is a trial available. This results in a weird behavior and the coupon is not usable before the trial has expired. If I use a coupon before that, it says that something went wrong and I'm not upgraded (with the previous version it didn't even give me a message). Could you either please remove the coupon field when you sign up for a trial period or remove the trial when someone uses a coupon?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Joakim,

    I hope you're well today!

    As for coupons. You may select with which memberships the coupon can be used.

    I suppose though that you'd like the plugin to automatically switch coupon field of if the trial is available and if coupon was given instead then switch of trial.

    Although that may be a bit similar issue to he original one, could you please start a new thread on our forum regarding this? This way we'll be able to respond faster and avoid any confusion or "mixing" issues.


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