Created map won't render - live support was stumped and told me to submit a ticket

Hello - this won't render with all plugins deactivated using 2014 theme.

My Home page has a map inserted at the bottom of the page. Creating and inserting the map seems to work fine, but the map doesn't render.

  • Jude

    Hey William,

    I'm under the gun. I can't really leave the site hobbled for you to go in and troubleshoot. I'm doing a demo for the client this afternoon.

    Thats understandable, Im pretty sure its a minor settings issue, just so you I see its a pretty basic site and this particular plugin is known and tested on 1000s of installs so given a bit of time it should work flawless.

    Hopefully WPMU products will generally not have issues, as I spent a lot of money and am hopeful I can use these plugins on a variety of sites.

    This is true for general use cases, but if you're modifying functionality or hacking at the core of the plugin then I'd suggest a healthy time buffer to test everything and find bugs.

    Also I totally forgot to notice you're new here. Welcome to the community.


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