Creating a 'BETA' network.....


I would like to offer a 'beta' of my MU install to users that I already know.

My main objective is to make it secure so that blogs/posts will not be lost and when I go live they have a separate account level.

This way I can offer them advertising free blogs 'for life' - i.e. when we go live they will have a different level that allows them to have premium access as a reward.

Its a simple concept but even with your plug ins I am getting confused about implementing it.

Has anyone else done this - if so, how did you implement it?

Or can anyone clear my head of the clutter and simplify it for me again?


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    I certainly think we can do this. Which of our plugins are you using to handle this?

    If you're using Supporter, and want to offer people a completely free accounts and privileges at this point you have to go and edit that directly in the database. There should be a table called "wp_supporters" with a field for "expire".

    As far as keeping things private, you can do this with the settings in WordPress and up the options a bit with our privacy plugin here:

    Those are the two things I'm thinking at the moment. If there's more you're looking for here just let us know!


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