Creating a business directory – Trusting PLC of WPMUDEV plugins

Hello :slight_smile:

I’d like to publish a business & jobs directory to showcasts experts and jobs for coaches, consultants and other providers who are specialists in a specific niche (tba).

I have found “Jobs & Experts” by WPMUDEV could be useful, but I’m afraid to start using it. Because WPMUDEV sometimes abandons plugins, just like they did with Upfront, as seen in their blog-post.

I’d like to hear about the future of their Job&Experts plugin. Is WPMUDEV staff discussing it to abandon within the next two years? Knowing about the PLC (Product Lifetime Circle) of any extensions and services is crucial for any professional project.

Honestly speaking I have become very cautious to use any of their plugins that is not shown on their roadmap and already started to plan their replacement.

Thank you,