creating a community with multisite and default blogs/profiles

hello together,

since weeks i'm trying find out the best solution for my requirements. i'm not sure if i really need Multisite.

My Requirements:
* Users can register and account is automatically activated
* Users can Post their favorite books to 2 Categories for example: "my favorite book" , "nice to have book"
* Users can see which books their friends posted (in activity stream)
* User A can See all Posts of user B by category in his blog/profile
* in this case the blog is more a profile as a blog (user can not create pages)

in my opinion i need multisite, but then i have the following problems:
* Blog must be automatically enabled after registering
* default theme and categories for new blog are set " my favorite book", " nice to have book"
* users can not change the categories
* users have only frontent acces (no post edits in backend /wp-admin)

what do you think is the best solution for my requirements?

thanks in advance


  • DavidM
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    Hello bloew11,

    First off, welcome to WPMU Dev! We're glad to have you here!

    You've got a good list of specifics there, so let's see if we can tackle them!

    It sounds like you'll definitely want to take a look into Buddypress if you haven't already. It's a social-networking plugin for Wordpress that provides the friendship features you hinted at (ie. making friends, tracking a friend's activities, etc.)

    We provide a number of excellent themes here for use with Buddypress here.

    To have new blogs automatically themed and setup with categories (or even content for that matter) you might consider the New Blog Template plugin.

    You might also want to consider our Membership plugin for limiting and restricting access to particular things, like categories.

    If you want everything to occur on the front-end, Buddypress is definitely a good start. But in order for members to create posts (favorite books, etc.), you may need to grant them access to that area of the back-end.

    If I understand you correctly, you may not need multisite for all of this, as Buddypress might just do what you mostly need to do. In that case, you also wouldn't need the New Blog Template. It really depends on what exactly you have in mind.

    I hope that helps and I look forward to your thoughts on it all. :slight_smile:


  • bloew11
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    Hi David,

    Thanks for your helpfull answer!
    some of the problems of multisite and buddypress in my case are
    * Frontend editor
    * if i want to change the layout for all blogs it's in future not possible.

    now i will go with this setup:

    * WP Single Installation
    * Buddypress with Community Template
    * TDO Mini Form (for creating posts from frontend)

    then i only need a solution for a frontend post editor and a plugin to show all posts of a user by category.
    but for this points i will create a new post.

    thanks a lot!


  • DavidM
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    Hello again bloew11,

    Sounds great!

    And either I just didn't know about TDO Mini Form or I never quite understood what it did in the past, but it looks awesome! It's a brilliant idea and I'm now sad that I've gone this long without it! But at least I know about it now. :slight_smile:

    Thanks for sharing and I'll look forward to seeing your next post as well as the end product!


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