Creating a Minimal Forum

I'd like to reduce the amount of space above the actual content within a forum post.

What I'd like to remove:

"Last updated" setion
"Last reply from" section

And I'd like to move the links (Back to Index, Delete Topic, and Close Topic) to the left under the actual topic title.

I've ID'd the code using Firebug, but I'm not sure how to edit it. Can anyone explain to me how I might do this? I'm not that code savvy so I need guidance.

<h3>This is about pricing</h3>
<li>Last updated: March 20, 2013</li>
<li>Latest Reply From: christopher</li>
<a href=&quot;;>Back to index</a>
<a href=&quot;?action=delete_topic&tid=3&quot;>Delete Topic</a>
<a href=&quot;?topic=3&action=close_topic&quot;>Close Topic</a>