Creating a multipe appointments with different staff members for a Package Service

I run a photography studio and depending on the "package" client choose I need to create multiple appointments with different member staff.

For example, if a client choose a 2 hours studio session, in fact they will need a 30 minutes session with the make-up and hair dresser let's say from 09:00-09:30, then they will need a 2 hours sessions with me from 09:30-11:30 and then they will need another 1 hour session from 11:30-12:30 with the sales assistant to choose the photos they liked and how they want the printed album lay-out.

So I was wondering if they could just choose "Family Package Service" and the Appointments + would be able to find and scheduel the correct time slots for the 3 professionals involved on the activity.

Is this possible?

Or maybe correlate the other schedules. For example, the hair dresse will always be 30 minutes behind the photographer, and the Sales assistant will always be right after the photographer.

But depending on the package choosen, let's say a "15 minutes Social Media session" that woudl not involve any hair dresser or make-up, so in this case we can not really tied the hair dresser /makeup schedule to the photographer schedule...

Any suggestion the best way to handle this need?