Creating a Music Marketplace With Membership


I’m New in The WordPress World. But I’m loving it and i was wondering if i could get some help from experts


I Do WordPress Installations And Minor Modification To Themes That My Customers Choose.

Right Now I have a Customer that wants a Marketplace to sell music beats that the producers will

upload once they create a membership on our site. There Are Some Features the Customer Specified

that i would like to share with you guys so that way maybe you can guide me what combination of

your products i could use to accomplish this.

-Is a Music Market Place for producers/Dj’s.

-It Has to Have 3 different Memberships for the producers/DJ’s

-The Users Must be Able to Upload Their Tracks and modify their producer/DJ’s profile

-Also it needs a Ratings system for the tracks

How would the best way to accomplish this?

I Hope This is Not To Much To Ask


Your Site Looks Awesome. I love your products and themes. My choice was instant. Great Work.

Thank you for the service.