Creating a new domain for a sub directory


I have WP 3.3 installed as a single site and running. I have registered another domain and I want this to sit on a sub directory with multisite activated. After I made the changes on the wp-config.php file and attempted to activate it, the process says that I cannot activate multisite on a sub directory but on a sub domain.

I would appreciate very much if you could help me with these questions:

1. How do I make the above work?
2. Is it possible to run multisite on separate hosting account and how to do this?


  • aecnu

    Greetings holland-village-singapore :slight_smile:

    I am some what confused ..... lol

    "I want to run two new sites with their own primary domains on my current hosting account, which already has one site running but is not yet multisite activated."

    You want to run two Multisite Installs or just one multisite install and Two different sites?

    If you create one working Multi Site using the primary domain you can create other sites using it and then use domain mapping to resolve the additional sites.

    "If it is possible, then:

    - Which directories do I put each of the two domains in?
    - Will my current site still be okay?"

    This statement makes it sound like you have three domains???

    If using a single Multi Site Install as a sub-domain configuration, the other sites will have their individual files saved in the blogs.dir folder.

    I believe that your plans will work it is just the concept of how to get it working but a map of exactly what you want to do is the key to a workable answer :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

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