Creating a page for a CPT

Hello. I require assistance with something.

I have created some CPT's for a publications sytem that i have made using ACF.
I have named the archive archive-publications.php

I added a template name to the archive so that i can use that as a page
I have added a page called publications which i have assigned that template to.


1. How do i make the archive page and the single page a child of another page? I have managed to set the publications page as a child - however only when the template is accessed through the page does it remain a child of another page.

To give you some context - i have added the template to the page research publications

Now, this page is a child of the page 'researchers'

However when i access the archive directly - this is now no longer a child of any page.

I want the archive publications to be a child of a page. And i want the single publications to also be a child of that page.

The reason i want it as a child, is because when i go into single-publication page through my initial page structure, then the permalink changes. This is what it should be (xxx being the page name)

but isntead it changes to this (xxx being the page name)