Creating a searchable directory of schools in a Buddypress site


So I need to create a searchable directory of schools within a Buddypress site. I've searched around and read a bunch of posts on the forums that kind of talk about parts of what I want to do, but not all of it, so I thought I might try just explaining exactly what I want to do, and hopefully someone here can suggest the best way to execute it with plugins that would require minimal custom coding. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

So here goes:

-Import: I have a big csv file with a lot of data for 1000+ schools. I want to import all of them into custom posts on my site.

-Display/search: I'd like to display some kind of navigation for them on a directory listings page on the site (not the home page), that also has a multisearch at the top which would allow readers to search for schools based on multiple criteria (state + tuition, or just state, or just the name, etc.)

-Member access: Buddypress members can rate or comment on listings, but that's it (there's no plan to charge for listings or to enable members to create listings)

Which plugins should I use to accomplish this? I'm guessing Directory, CustomPress, maybe TurboCSV for CSV Importer for importing, and maybe this plugin for search: Any other suggestions? Someone also suggested to me Types and Views:

Also, I'm not sure what order in which to execute everything. Do I create custom post types first? Do I just import everything first?

Anyway, that's it, any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated! I could really use some guidance!

Thanks so much!

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi there Chris!

    Welcome to the WPMU DEV Community and thank you for being a member.

    You are on the right track there! All the suggestions are good and I think the WPMU DEV plugins that you selected (Directory and CustomPress) would work well.

    The Taxonomy Picker plugin looks quite good. And you can also download it from

    And the reviews for the WordPress Types and Views plugins are very good too, we even had a review of it on New WordPress Plugin Makes WordPress Theming Easy

    And yes, it would be recommended to first plan your custom post types, prepare everything and then import your information.

    Wow, I wish you all the best with this. You have some excellent plugins to work with and a great project ahead of you. Good luck!


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