Creating a searchable document repository

I am using WordPress with the Genesis theme and the Wishlist Member plugin.

I want to create a searchable document repository as part of my WordPress website. I have a corporate constitution and bylaws, along with various rules and regulations and many other memos, etc. that I want to include.

I intend to enter each section of the constitution and bylaws as a separate page or post so that each section can be tagged with the appropriate tags for each respective page or post (section) so that the search function performs as expected. I expect to have many sections, easily several hundred (if not several thousand).

I need some guidance about the proper way to set up the framework so that a user searching the document repository only receives results from these designated pages or posts. I want to limit the search to only these pages or posts. I do not want the search function for this area of my website to include any posts or pages from other parts of my website.

Should all of the sections of the corporate constitution be entered as separate posts on a single page? Likewise, should all the sections of the bylaws also be entered as separate posts on a single page?

Or should each section be entered as its own page?

Or should each section contain a common tag that would then be used to limit the search universe?

Instead of fumbling through this process, I was hoping someone could point me to some sort of “best practices” information or plugin that might accomplish what I am seeking.

Thank you for any help you can provide.