Creating a Self Contained Page Template

Is it possible to create a self contained page template that people can upload and will look correct no matter what theme they are using?

Basically I have a really nice HTML page that I want to make into a page template for a specific purpose that anyone could use on their sites. Is that possible? Or better to be done with a plugin?


  • Timothy Bowers

    It.... is and isn't...

    Take for example our Q&A plugin, it should work well in any theme coded to WordPress standards, a few CSS tweaks might occasionally be needed.

    But it doesn't always because all themes are not the same and they don't always follow WP standards either.

    You could look at how MarketPress creates it's slugs/pages to start, that might be a good base for you to code something up. Other options might making a small plugin with a shortcode or an option to use a specific page (like we do in WHMCS Integration).

    Inserting content in to a page should keep all the surrounding elements.

    If it's just a HTML page, you could also let them use it standalone on their site. Or give them some iFrame snippet to include the page from your server, thus allowing you to make live updates to one file.

    Hope this helps.

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