Creating a site similar to Angel List

Hi everyone, I am working on a site with similar functionality to Angel List. Its for a forum that we do every year in the Middle East. Basically when the forum is over we want people to be able to have a place to connect but without being too onerous.

Most of the features I can replicate without much trouble but what I want is that each lecturer is able to set up a page with their research. This can be done through groups I imagine but we run into trouble because we want to make the site more follow oriented than friend oriented.

So my biggest issue now lets say I have a researcher called Jane, Jane is collaborating on a paper with Dan. Right now Jane follows Dan’s profile. When Jane adds her research paper using the group functionality she is the admin but she can’t add Dan as a moderator or in this case co-researcher without befriending him. We removed all the friending buttons though so how can this be achieved?

I would love some advice and it would be great to have a plugin that replicates some of the features of Angel List because I think they nailed the idea of creating a social network that isn’t so onerous in terms of making people followers of eachother and startups rather than friends.

Thanks for the help.

  • Kimberly
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    Hello there!

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    It seems that BuddyPress would be integral in a site like that… have you looked into any of the Buddypress Project Management ?

    What if you changed the nature of “befriending” to “partnering”? and returned the buttons?



  • animeh
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    Thanks for your response! Yes, I am using Buddypress. I have the profiles set up nicely and I am now working on the translation file to change “Group” to “Research”

    We don’t have a problem with the term friend we don’t want users on either side to have to wait for approvals, thus we are using the follow model. The plugin FollowMe helps with this but it still doesn’t extend to groups.

    I haven’t looked at Project Managment but I’ll do that now.

    As for the groups, i wish there was a plugin to make them more flexible. Main things would be ability to add admins and mods who aren’t friends per say and to create different categorizations of groups.

    Anyway, most important thing now is to know if anyone has a hack to either make the friends acceptance automatic or to bypass the requirement to be a friend to add moderators to a group.


  • animeh
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    Just to add to this, there are a few reasons we want users to follow eachother rather than friend eachother. 1. We don’t want the more prominent members to be overloaded with friend requests then ask them to have to sort through so many requests 2. Some of the people involved are of a very high-stature and they may not want the reciprocity with some of the members on the site who should be able to see what they are saying 3. We don’t want cliques to emerge where people are left out of the conversation based on “popularity”

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