Creating a "split" nav bar

I’m trying to recreate an existing website that is built in Flash, but bring it into a WordPress website. The problem is that the station manager wants the new website to look exactly like the existing website. I’m not sure I can design one that looks that bad, but I’m going to give it a try while still making it much more functional.

The original flash website has the “shield” logo of the radio station in the center and the navigation menu is split on both sides of the shield logo.

Option #1:

I’m thinking that I will use two custom menus to accomplish this. I’ll create the main nav menu and position it to the left of the shield and then create a secondary nav menu positioning it to the right of the shield but aligning it horizontally with the main nav menu.

Option #2

My other thought was to create a single main nav menu, but create a section in the center that is blank (as in NO navigation links) as the image of the shield will prevent a visitor from clicking anything there.

I’m after an opinion here. Would Option #1 or Option #2 be easier and simpler to create? Since I’m doing this one gratis (I do some work for the radio station and support it when I can), I need to do this quickly and with as little time or effort on my part as I can. My new son-in-law will be working on it with me, so I’ll have him put the content in. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


James Dunn

Athens, GA USA