Creating a Supersite: Recommendations on Execution for a MultiSite Newbie

I am a seasoned Wordpress user and I have a large member base of individuals that I create and manage wordpress blogs for. That being said, I am not as in tune with the uses of advanced setups on WPMU, especially with the current changes in Wordpress.

I am preparing to build a "Supersite" or large site with which I want to have a lot of functionality and the ability to do several things. What I would like is some advice on the best way to achieve what my goals are and what plugins would help me execute this the best.

I want to accomplish the following:

Create a WPMU site which allows visitors to create their own blogs free, fully optimized by me in the SuperAdmin side of things.

I then want to be able to charge these new members for plugin and functionality + Theme upgrades in the site, not to mention, charge them for removing Admin Ads and so forth.

I want users to be able to have 2 options. A social Blog or an Authority blog that they can setup and have their own domain name with. The social blog would be one where they would share with the membership community and be able to chat, create groups, etc.

Secondly, I will be offering tutorials and a full Product which is an online course taught through wordpress, which requires membership, but I would also like to have this membership integrated with the rest of the site (same profile).

Then, I will have a vBulletin Forum that I will be adding to the site as well for forum functionality, unless there is a better recommendation.

I will be offering downloads as well and I will want to add a Marketplace that I want to be able to charge people for submitting products or ads/ classifieds.

This is a big project and I would like to know what some seasoned users can recommend for setting this up.