Creating a "wall post" box (Post to profile VS. @mention)


I was looking at my site the other day and while using the tools and features I noticed a large inconvenience for a user; the post to profile feature.

If a user wants to write a quick message on someones profile they must go to that profile click "mention this user" and then they are re-directed back to their profile to type in a message.

The problem with this is it becomes very tedious. It also is difficult to send quick messages to friends whose user names are much different then there real names; therefore, remembering "@rembrandt45" for your friend Sean can get cumbersome when you have a large friend list.

Do not get me wrong I love the "mention" feature it is brilliant for sending messages quickly, and to anyone in your activity stream.


I would like to place the same box that is currently in the activity stream and on the logged in users profile onto all users walls; so that they can quickly interact with each other by being able to post on each others profile activity stream.

I was considering cutting the code from the activity stream that creates the post box and placing it into the profile.

Any advice or ideas on how I can go about initiating this idea into my site would be fantastic.

Thank you