Creating a weekly recurring event doesn't add instances for the first six days


Unfortunately I am back again with my third bug report regarding Events+...

I am using the 'Plugin: Calendar' for my archive template and attempting to add a recurring event - and I want the event to repeat on certain days each week. However, any recurring event set to 'Repeat Every Week' does not actually create any instances of the event for the first six days.

So, if I add an event that starts on Oct. 1, 2012 and have it set to repeat each day (or MWF or TR or anything) every week until Nov. 1, 2012, no instances of the event are created for Oct. 1 through Oct. 6 - it skips the first six days and adds the first instance of the event on Oct. 7... so, for the time being the only solution for my client is to schedule every event one week before it is supposed to be scheduled.

I really appreciate the support that you guys give here and the idea of this plugin is great, but seeing that this is my third bug report on this one plugin, I have to wonder if this is really an acceptable candidate for production use - I've already given up on using it on my network install but I'm really hoping that it can be used for single WP installations. Of course, if the problem is me, I apologize - but hopefully you can understand my frustration...