Creating a WP demo site for users to test

I was wondering on how others achieve this. I'm not trying to create a demo theme but actually a site that I or someone can test plugin compatibility w/ themes, wordpress version and other plugins. This is not quite a staging site either, this will be an actual WP site w/ just demo content and for testing purposes only.

I'm looking to do the following

1. Allow users to login w/ default passwords like demo:demo or admin:admin
2. Allow users to install plugins and themes
3. The system resets after xx amount of time.
4. Notification is sent to me when someone logins in and does just about anything.
5. Any other useful features to allow users to interact w/ the plugins and themes.
6. High level of security so that there's no exploit they can do to hack the server the site is installed on.
7. Rollback features to any instance or wordpress version.