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Just curious if you could give me some insight into whether this is possible: I want to create an application using Pro Sites, Membership and Appointments +.

After signing up and paying for a membership, users would log in through the main site to access their private dashboard. This is where they can manage their own appointments (this is the core of the site) and see special educational content. Is this possible with these 3 plugins?

Also, is there a way to manage Appointments from a public page rather than the WP Dashboard? Embed the dashboard via shortcode or something?


  • Alexander

    Hi @Nick,

    I'm not sure you'll need Membership in all of this. Pro Sites can handle billing for you, and give users access to their own site. If you activate the "Pay to blog" module, they'll be restricted from accessing anything until a payment is made.

    Then you can use New Blog Templates to provision a basic site for them.

    Unfortunately it's not possible to manage Appointments+ from the front end. Everything admins control will need to be done through the dashboard. There aren't shortcodes to make these controls more portable.

    Best regards,

  • Alexander

    Hi @Nick,

    Pro Sites wouldn't be able to handle Member specific content, but it would allow each user to have their own instance of Appointments+

    The problem is, billing is completely separate fro both Membership and Pro Sites.

    Instead of Pro Sites, you might want to try using Membership and setting up subscription rules for "Blog Creation" This would allow each user to create their own site, and in turn have their own Appointments+ But you wouldn't have the abilities of Pro Sites to restrict other features.

    Best regards,

  • Nick

    @Alexander Rohmann,

    Is the functionality of Pro Sites and Membership really similar enough to be interchangeable in this regard? I wasn't aware that Membership would allow members to have their own private instance of Appointments.

    To clarify - my idea was to use Membership to protect outsiders from viewing members-only content - instead of having members pay extra for it. I don't care what level of subscriber they are, any paid members would be able to access the content. So members would not be billed for this content at all. I guess the question is - is it possible within the Membership plugin to set rules for Pro Sites users?

  • Alexander

    Hi @Nick,

    The functionality isn't very similar at all, but there's a bit of overlap.

    The core functionality you need comes from WordPress Multisite. This is what will allow each user to have their own site, and in turn, they can use Appointments+ on this site.

    Pro Sites is a plugin that allows you to restrict features such as plugins, themes, post count, etc. for the sites your users creates. You can charge different amounts for different levels of functionality. So Pro SItes is the go to choice when you want to charge users for their own site

    Membership is used for restricting access to content based on a paid subscription. It does however have an access rules that prevents users from creating their own site in Multisite. Using this rule will allow you to control the site creation, but you you don't get any of the other Pro Sites features like plugin and theme restriction. On the other hand, because you're already using Membership you can keep all your billing on one place.

    Best regards,

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