Creating categories using CVS importer


First of all I would like to complement WPMU with the latest release of the Directory plugin!

It works great and I love the new short codes and the CustomPress integration.

I have a listing with over 1400 listings in it and I used CSV importer to import them into Directory.

That (almost!) works perfect. Each listing is generated and all the custom fields are generated as well!

The thing I can’t get to work are the categories. I know you can’t give support over the CSV importer tool, but I hope someone out there can help me with this.

The thing is that when I use the standard post categories in the importer (csv_post_categories) all categories (main, child, grandchild) are created perfect using the field value “Arts > Paintings > Modern”, but when I change it to the listing categories (csv_ctax_listing_category) it’s generating one category called “Arts > Paintings > Modern”.

When I use “Arts, Paintings, Modern” it just isn’t working good. Sometimes a sub category is created and sometimes it’s not. I don’t know what’s happening there.

I started entering the categories by hand and started assigning each listing to the right category…… I stopped after 34 listings, what a hell of a job to do :slight_frown:

So I hope somebody has succeeded in doing this the right way? Please let me know.