Creating Child Theme and Updating Parent Theme in Jupiter

Hi there,

On the site we are using the Jupiter theme. When WordPress updated recently, I noticed that there were some odd bugs in the Admin area. Jupiter released an update and when I installed it, it deleted all the changes made with custom coding by an outsourced developer. I frantically restored the backup theme file and everything returned to normal.

I know that what is happening is that I did not create a child theme of the main Jupiter theme. I also noticed that in the Jupiter installation files it even includes a child theme .zip for use which I realize now I should have done.

I am hoping you all might suggest a way to somehow transfer the custom coding we've done on the parent theme to a child theme so that we can update Jupiter and repair the bugs in the Admin area. Is it as easy as I just copy/pasting all the code from the current theme functions.php into the new child themes functions.php file after we install it? Is there a better way you know of? Something else you could suggest/? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,