Creating code to auto generate posts from pdfs

Hey all, I have several hundred pdf’s that I need to put up as seperate posts on my clients website, and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of the code I would need (or need to write) in order to do this automatically. Preferably, the code would be able to take a folder or zip file, and generate posts from the pdf’s located in the folder and subfolders. It would create a category hierarchy based on the the names of the folders, and post titles based on the titles of the pdf’s. Each post would contain a link to the pdf and an embedded version of the pdf using the google docs viewer code. An exmple post can be seen here. If it could also auto generate a menu that would be great, but it isn’t as vital. So, any thoughts?

  • Sam
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    and here is some code that my friend helped get me started with:


    $directory = '/path/to/files/';
    $filter = '/*.pdf$/i'; // Filename ends in .pdf or .PDF
    processDirectory($directory, $filter);

    function processDirectory($directory, $filter) {
    if (substr($directory,strlen($directory)-1,1) != '/') { // Add trailing /
    $directory .= '/';
    if ($handle = opendir($directory)) {
    /* This is the correct way to loop over the directory. */
    while (false !== ($entry = readdir($handle))) {
    if (is_dir($directory.$entry) {
    // Recurse into nested directory
    processDirectory($directory.$entry, $filter);
    } else if (preg_match($filter, $entry)) {
    echo "Processing file $directory/$entry<br />n";
    // Valid filename: Build post
    // Contents of $post array described in
    $post = Array(
    'post_content' => ' <a href="$directory/"' . $entry . '">' . $entry . '</a>.<br />'.
    '<iframe src=' .
    urlencode($directory.$entry) . '></iframe>',
    // This won't be right! You'll need to convert $directory and add your website domain
    'post_title' => $entry
    // Post post
    } else {
    echo "Failed to open $directory";


  • PC
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    Hey there Sam,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    I did some investigation on this but could not find something which can automate this but I reckon there should be a work around.

    A good place to start is :

    But that doesn’t automate post creation out of the box.

    Let me call my colleague @patrick Cohen for his views and see if he has got any quick tips on how this can be achieved.

    He should be here soon.

    Cheers, PC

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