Creating custom archive / taxonomy / single template files - problems!

Hi there,

I'm using the wordpress Directory plugin to create a vendors directory for my client.

Wordpress: 3.9
Genesis: 2.02

I'm creating three template files so that I can customise how the listings look and what information is presented.

I've figured out that the file templates need to be called:

archive-listings.php - for the post type archive

taxonomy-listings-category.php - for the taxonomy archive (I think)

taxonomy-listings-location.php - for the taxonomy archive (I think)

single-listing.php - for the single custom post type page.

. . .

I think I've got the above correct according to the

What I am struggling with is that:
1. The Locations Archive does works WITHOUT template: (there are three listings in kitchen)
2. The Category Archive does NOT work without a template: (there are two listings in UAE)
3. I've not gotten either the listing-category or listing-location templates to work when I have them in the child them. It displays as if they aren't even there.
4. The single template does not show the_content();

Why would the listing-category taxonomy archive not work, especially when it was automatically created by Directory. However the archive for the new taxonomy I created does work properly? The settings between listing-category and listing-location is exactly the same bar different words.

I'm working on a fresh install of wordpress with very little data in it, so its a clean install.

Can you help me?