Creating dashboard graphs and charts

Hello, general enquiry here about adding graphs and charts to the Wordpress dashboard.
I'm doing a website for a charity that needs to report some stats. I can run them off reports from the database, but I wondered if anyone has experience of creating nice graphs and charts directly in the dashboard?

I'm using wpjobmanager which creates two CPTs - job_listing and resume.

It'd be good to report things like a count of job_listing post types created in the past 30 days, or by month, as well as counting about five different post statuses that these post types could have.

I'm guessing I have to use something like chart.js and then generate a query in the widget that stores the results as variables the chart.js framework can use.

I've created widgets before, but never something using complex queries that generate charts. Does anyone have any idea where to start? Is there a big performance hit using this method? Should the results be stored in transients?

Could anyone provide an example of the code I'd need to get the count of job_listing posts with a status of of published that were published for each of the past 6 months?

Thanks for any advice!

  • calvinrogercanas

    Hey there @bluebananaconsulting,

    Hope you're well and thank you for your question.

    I am not familiar with the wpjobmanager and it seems what you need is a "custom" development. I said yes that you try our Jobs and experts plugin too :slight_smile: . I will also flag the Second-Line Support ( coding experts ) to give their valuable input. They may response slower than normal because they fix advance issues.

    Let me know if it helps! :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

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