Creating & Editing Posts within Upfront

Greetings WPMUdev!

I'm hoping I can get some clarity with how the process of creating & editing posts with Upfront goes.

I'm not too familiar with creating posts normally using WordPress's backend so I'm not really sure what the typical process is like.

I edited the single_posts page in Builder and added a post data element for the post content. I then edited the content within the backend of wordpress for a post. This is my result.

The images are not how they should be. Some are off center, too large, too small, spacing issues etc. I'm not sure how to add these efficiently. Is there some sort of tool/plugin that is used to easily layout posts?

I'd much rather use Upfront to add text elements and picture elements etc. individually to lay everything out. This is what I was doing before. But if I am to change or switch anything within the website/servers etc. I would loose the content of my posts because they aren't in the wp core post data files correct?

Hoping to get some clarity on using Upfront with posts. Thank you all for your continued support!


Ciro Bey