Creating my own video tutorials page ...

Hi there,

I successfully created a "grid" of video tutorials using some CSS and HTML along with this plugin, and you guys even helped me get it going! For that: KUDOS.

However, I recently changed themes, and suddenly my thumbnail images have disappeared. As far as I know, nothing else has changed.

I know this is probably slightly outside your responsibilities, but I was wondering if you would mind taking a peek at what I've got. You can see the page at:

The code I am using (along with thickbox) for each video looks like this:

<div class="video">[thkBC height="333" width="480" anchortext='<img class="videoimage" style="background: url('');" title="add-new-page" src="" alt="" width="300" height="220" />' type="inline" inline_id="addnewpage"]
<div class="videocaption">[thkBC height="333" width="480" anchortext="Adding a New Page" type="inline" inline_id="addnewpage"]</div>
<div id="addnewpage">
<div>[wpmudev-video video="add-new-page"]</div>

Thanks :slight_smile: