Creating Online Instructions For Bloggers

I'm under the impression that a lot of my bloggers will be complete novices and need instructions in the form of Step 1, Step 2, for setting up their blog ... especially with the plugins I'm offering. I would like to add a help section inside the admin section of each blog, where the blogger can either see a list of FAQ's, or submit a help ticket, or both, or even more.

Is there a plugin what I can use, and where am it do be?

If there ain't, do anyone got an suggestions?


  • drmike
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    The support system has a FAQ that's built around the backend. It does support tickets as well I believe.

    Gotta admit we don't use it. Rather stick that stuff into their own blog like does theirs. You're going to have people linking to it from their blogs on occasion as well as from the support forums if you have one. That's a plus over hiding it on the back end.

  • Sue
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    On Edublogs we do the same as what Dr Mike is saying but with two blogs - our Help & Support blog for specific Edublogs info and The Edublogger for more general info that helps any blogger (hence has wide readership).

    We have a Help & Support blog here - which was originally hosted on the Help & support theme you can download from WPMU DEV.

    We have also said you can use the content from Edublogs Help and Support but that we request that you:

    1. Attribute the content as specified in the license and include attribution in any material you place online or PDFs you create.
    2. Download any images you use to your computer so that you can host them on your site. We would prefer you don't link to our images.

    Please note that this license applies only to Edublogs Help and Support. You also need to be aware that features on Edublogs may not be the same on your site or apply.

    It does not apply to content on The Edublogger ( The Edublogger remains copyright and material from that blog requires permission to use.

    In combination with this we use:

    1. Admin Panel Tips plugin to link to helpful information
    2. the Custom Content Dashboard ( to link to pages on the help site
    3. Premium Support plugin inside Supporter to provide email support for our paid users -

    Did I miss anything Dr Mike?

  • Kirk Ward
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    Thanks Sue!

    I think I'll be trying to emulate, but probably working to create my own content ... to fit my own combination of features and to avoid the edublogs attribution. Mostly trying to create an identity for my site with accountants and attracting them with the idea of websites rather than blogs. Most of the ones I associate with are a bit behind and don't realize the power of blogging. They're still in the website mode of thinking. So I try to remove the word "blog" as much as possible.

    That is also why I've been trying to include some things like contact forms, financial calculators (custom plugins) email/autoresponder web signup forms, polls and such. These are things they are familiar with, want and expect. They also want everything pre-made, and then they can adjust ... slowly, ever so slowly. Visit your local accountant and see how innovative he or she really is. They change at snail speed. The more up to date ones move at turtle speed.

    Anyhoo, I will be taking a look at your content and emulating, trying not to copy. Thanks.

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